So, another year filled with music, shows, travelling, capturing emotions and hopefully making people smile with the shots I take, is almost over and i want to thank everyone for their belief, team spirit & support. Especially those i can really rely on, no matter what! Precious Moments! For there are a thousand reasons I should keep doing what i do, even though many other girls & boys doing exactly the same thing.

So, what keeps me out there year by year? Those wonderful experiences with music & the people involved help me believing in myself & my skills. I learn a lot about me, about who i can trust and also my photography and personal limits 😉 It’s my kind of wonderful, even though it mostly keeps me up at night when i am on the road (hello insomnia 💀 😆).

It simply gives my life a whole lot of color and happiness and i really appreciate friendships and peoples encouragement on my journey….you have made a positive impact on my life! This has truly been a year of growth, challenge and experiences.

I wish all of you a very happy christmas & even better, healthy new year! I am really looking forward to the opportunity to capture more great memories in 2019! 🤟🤟🤟